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Why do I need to fertilize my lawn?

In the spring, many people wonder why it is that they see their neighbors fertilizing their lawn. They often think to themselves, "The grass isn't even growing yet this early in the spring. My neighbors are wasting their time and money". Well, this simply is not the case. Harsh winters and above normal early spring rainfall can strip vital nutrients from the soil that your grass needs to survive and thrive. By applying a general fertilizer, typically in the form of fertilizer granules, you are helping your lawn to become more lush, more green, more resilient, and healthier. Adding fertilizer early in the season can have a profound impact on the look and longevity of your lawn in those scorching winter months. Also, a healthier lawn will be more resilient to foot traffic, from family and pets, so that the chances of bare spots or burnt out yellow spots in your lawn will be significantly decreased. We, here at Ardmore Lawn Care, provide fertilizing services as part of our seasonal mowing packages, as well as one time applications, to help ensure that your lawn will look picture perfect throughout the season and will be the focus of your neighbors' envy. Contact Ardmore Lawn Care today to set up an appointment to have your lawn tended to.

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